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W. R. Grace and Company is an American chemical business based in Columbia, Maryland. It produces specialty chemicals and specialty materials in two divisions: Grace Catalysts Technologies and Grace Materials and Chemicals. For much of its early history, Grace's main business was in South America, in maritime shipping, railroads, agriculture, and silver mining, with 30,000 employees in Peru. In the 1950s, Grace began to diversify and grew into a Fortune 100 worldwide conglomerate. After emerging from a prolonged bankruptcy period of 12 years in 2014, the company spun off its other major operating divisions, marking the end of the global Grace empire. As of December, 2017, it had 3,700 employees, with 1,900 in the United States and the balance in Europe and Asia. In 2017, the annual sales were US $ 1.72 billion.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Very conservative, corporate culture - Strict hierarchy - Needs better manager development programs - Managers throw you under the bus - Limited opportunities for growth - Work life balance could be better. People work on weekends often - Not very receptive to remote work"

Former Employee - Loader says

"breathing in all the catalysts, management does not have any concern for employees, very unprofessional, safety is not a priority as much as they emphasize it(whatever is necessary to get the job done is or keeping company from getting any strikes against them is much more important than people)"

Former Employee - Associate Chemist says

"Safety is not a priority for this company."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"From the bottom up—with women in roles from intern to two of our three business segment presidents; with three of our nine independent Directors being women; and our female Chief Human Resources Officer, Grace is committed in policy and practice to a positive work environment for women. Bullying is strictly prohibited by policy and anti-bullying training is mandatory. There are multiple channels of recourse for any individual who feels they are treated inappropriately and we remind employees of these channels on a regular basis."

Current Employee - Master Operator says

"Work schedule and medical benefits are terrible."

Former Employee - Lab Assistant says

"workload very high compare to your job scop description"

Former Employee - Chemical Operator says

"Corporate is to busy greasing palms of friends and running the place into the ground with bad decisions."

Former Employee - Supervisor says

"No work life balance, you have to live the place. Never disconnected. Clicks and you can trust absolutely no one. Buildings are old and unsafe. Needs a major facelift."

Former Employee - Loader says

"Work environment, starting pay, loaders job is horrible and safety isn't enforced from boss over loaders"

Current Employee - Human Resources Employee says

"Horrible HR department and recruiters. No work life balance. Low pay (manufacturing side). Poor leadership at executive level. Don't follow through on their plans and goals. It's about who you know not what you do. If you are reading this and debating on working here...don't. You have been warned."

Instrument Technician (Former Employee) says

"Lack of leadership. Long hours. Poor management. Lack of Management. Want you to work 18 hour shift back to back. Old equipment that did not work properly."

Die head operator (Former Employee) says

"Good pay terrible manager and supervisor s . Cut throat culture with employees stepping on each other for benefits. Management doesn't care about employees only job orders. Treated like a slave"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This company is a joke and very incompetent. I will never use this company to try to find employment ever again!!! This place wasted my time and gave up several other job opportunities to work for them!no prosshort assignments, recruiters do not call back, disorganized"

Chemical Operator (Former Employee) says

"Poor management skills, they often break labor laws. Operators are exposed to deadly chemicals the pay does not reflect that. Poor pay, treated poorly. Avoid working here unless you absolutely have to.12hr shifts, built in overtime.Poor management, supervisors are not familiar with labor laws, nobody in management seems to be familiar with Oregon labor laws. Low wages, very expensive health insurance."

Operations Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Trust no one, cut throat environment. Management is promoted because they have been there a long time not for skills and leadership qualities. Site is old and run down. Needs a major facelift. Dirty and dangerous.6% match 401kManagement and buildings are old and run down"

Master Data Management Admin (Former Employee) says

"Good compensation and the schedule of work is on a day shift. But the MANAGEMENT.... the worst ever. You are being forced to work on holidays and even on company and team outings. AND if the management don't like you because your idea contradicts theirs... prepare to leave."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"1. Weak management that disciplines everything instead of working with employees to earn trust. 2. Poor safety culture (bottom quartile execution, enforcement and ownership by management and operations) 3. Cut-throat peers that throw you under bus at every opportunity. 4. Poor business management, execution and accounting practices. 5. Bullying culture at all levels. 6. Bottom quartile environmental performance. 7. Weak "HR department". Seek to assign blame instead of solving problems. 8. Weak off-site upper managers that do not understand how the facility works or understand reasonable expectations from operations. 9. General incompetence, apathy and lack of drive for improving operations. Don't work here. High turnover for anyone less than 10 years experience at facility. Apathy sets in quick with new employees. Employees are either looking out the door for better opportunity or succumb to the apathy, minimum effort and status-quo culture. No drive for excellence."

Account Management Specialist, Export/Domestic (Former Employee) says

"A lot of politics, micro management, lack of training. Decent benefits, nice work-space, holidays/time off, unethical treatment of employees.BenefitsToo many politics"

Production Operator (Current Employee) says

"As an operator work a minimum of 48 hours in a week, for most of the year. Typically due to working 6 days in addition to forced overtime to cover other shifts. The management is terrible and do not take operator knowledge into consideration and there is a major lack of respect between management and the operators in the plant. Hostile work environment that includes bullying by supervisors and peers.Good Wages and BenefitsSucks the life out of you"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Get rid of management and the company will run smooth. Fire all the workers on 1st shift and work will actually get done."

X-Ray Technician (Former Employee) says

"In the beginning, I was so excited to learn. Which I did, actually. But the company absolutely and without a doubt failed on transparency. Employees are left guessing and working a horrific amount of hours while management sits around and play. Instrumentation was either damaged or non functional which made the fast paced job impossible to keep up with. It took the company months to replace an oven with faulty wiring. My direct boss, the lab manager, and the safety coordinator were all all aware before my complaints were brought to my director who eventually solved the problem by removing the oven. The lab prides itself on safety yet took 6 months of life- threatening electrocutions for anyone to bat an eyelash. In the end, all the temps were fired after being lied to about a 6 month contract to hire basis. The director of our department kept reassuring us that we would get hired, then in the end, apologized in a last ditch effort to stop a majority of the workforce from quitting all at once. We were fired with no notice and were given no severance either. The amount of work was not compensated properly at all; even if we were hired full time, I would turn down the job simply because of all the deception and corruption that went on around there. One time, the union almost went on strike. Company policy states that during a strike, Grace employees are required to eat, sleep, and shower on the property and are not allowed to leave for any reason. One time, I asked a manager for advice after explaining a situation, and their response was to simply keep my mouth shut because as"

Maintenance Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"salary and benefits were greatlocation was greatmachines were up to dateclose to homefavoritism and unfair treatment of workers often"

Integrated Supply Chain (Current Employee) says

"Overall poor leadership at the company. Office morale is low and senior leadership/HR have no desire to survey employee engagement. Company is driven by financials and Wall Street more than any company in my past. There is great potential with many great employees and opportunities for improvement, but people are ground down by long hours and minimal appreciation."

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"Wow were to begin, first off they don't have a proper way of training personal they give you a couple of days with a worker and then leave you by your self to learn the rest then if you don't do your work right the foreman yells at you for not doing your job right. Also you have to eat by the equipment to continue production which is covered with powder that comes off the equipment last thing also all the equipment leaks or has something wrong with it.no pros to this placeno breaks and health concerns"

Industrial Electrician (Current Employee) says

"Management is jealous of the prosperity of the workforce and doesn't care about anything other than getting their bonuses. I am frequently force to perform services I do not get compensated for. There is absolutely no communications between management and employees. Managers may know how to manage but have no knowledge of how to lead!"

Quality Control Chemist (Former Employee) says

"I was so excited to work at W.R. Grace. Within a few weeks of working there, though. I began to notice a bad workplace culture. During my tenure, I experienced rampant harassment from a coworker in my department. I approached my boss and HR about this repeatedly. I documented numerous instances. Fellow coworkers also complained on my behalf and described the things they witnessed. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the person harassing me managed to convince my boss that I was improperly trained and needing to go back into training on a different schedule that majorly disrupted my life and went in direct contradiction with the shift I was hired for. I left after nine months of working there. In addition to my issues with harassment, morale overall is just extremely low. I also have concerns about their safety and quality programs, but those concerns were dismissed. Decent benefitsEverything else"

HR Service Center (Former Employee) says

"Management has old school mentality. Suggestions to get management to the current culture is shot down. Went to upper management for support but nothing happened."

Warehouse Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"working long hours alone in a warehouse full of chemicals.Feel and got hurt several times,but noone there to help me.No unch time since you worked alone in the warehouse"


"long standing company with good values and management cares about the employees and provides good benefits wants the employees to advance and learn ."

Safety Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Why I am I forced to write this just to be compliant with some useless format developed by a third grader with nothing better to do than torture. make this optional.nonenone"